Dorchester-Dueren Sister County Partnership


DuerenIn 2005, the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Dueren County Council in Germany with the hopes of significantly and positively impacting this region’s cultural, economic, educational, civic and business environment. The resulting Dorchester – Dueren Sister County Partnership Committee seeks to develop channels to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, cultures, and business practices between the counties. By establishing a strong working bond with its sister county, Dorchester hopes to expand economic development through international business opportunities and by adopting innovative ideas in the areas of education, business, tourism, health, and more.

The Partnership additionally seeks to promote an exchange that enables a better understanding of the differences in customs and values between the countries. It promotes this concept to the next generation through a Dorchester-Dueren student exchange program. More than 200 students have traveled between Dorchester and Dueren counties as part of this program. The students involved in these exchange trips are very much aware of our economy’s global nature. It is hoped that this opportunity will allow for a more collaborative relationship between nations in the future.

Jennifer Brant, President of the Dorchester-Dueren Sister County Partnership, states, “Our partnership seems to be ever expanding and diversifying. This year’s Dorchester county exchange students returned and all had one of the best experiences of their lives. This is a unique program of experience and travel for our students and German students, and the program continues to be growing yearly. Crabtoberfest is our way of giving Dorchester a small taste of German food, music, and fun while raising funds to support activities related to the exchange. 

Crabtoberfest is the Dorchester-Dueren Sister County Partnership’s primary fund raising opportunity. 

For more information about the Dorchester-Dueren Sister County Partnership, contact the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce at 410-228-3575 or by e-mail at